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The Moment - Flamingo

The Moment - Flamingo

Photorealistic bird portrait of the beautiful flamingo in the tropical rainforest jungle, by the water. I channel my enthusiasm for the amazing characteristics of animals by rendering them with academic oil painting techniques on canvas. I only used black and white to really capture the feature of the object. The red sun indicates life & the universe. The background is beige/cream.

The iconic one-footed Flamingo has beautiful pink feathers, a color that comes from their diet. The brighter the pink, the healthier the bird. Flamingos are also very social creatures who like living in large groups. The largest documented flock of Flamingos numbered over one million in East Africa. Many cultures consider the Flamingo an emblem of healing and love. Flamingos are also the national bird of the Bahamas.

  • 2019 / Oil on canvas / 65 x 50 cm

  • Shipping

    Ship to Global $280.00
    Ship to United States $200.00
    Ship to United Kingdom $280.00
    Ship to Japan $160.00
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