Artist Bio

Born in Chiba, Japan, Yuko was reared by parents who appreciated every aspect of art. As a child growing up in Bangladesh her creative talents began to flourish. 


In 2000, Yuko attended Tama Art University in Tokyo majoring in oil painting. At that time, her method of expression gradually shifted from canvas to jewelry design. As a result, Yuko launched a jewelry brand while simultaneously attending school. Her jewelry has been sold worldwide and has collaborated with popular fashion brands. 


Yuko spent several years in the Netherlands and the United States and moved to Nagasaki Japan, where it’s surrounded by beautiful mountains and the blue ocean.

She was deeply impressed by the majestic nature and animals there and that led her soul to start painting again. 

Yuko channels her enthusiasm for the amazing characteristics of the animals formed in the process of evolution onto canvas. Employing academic oil painting techniques in the creations of her pieces, Yuko believes that oil gives life to her art because the medium "works inquisitively as if it has its spirit". 


Her works are housed in private collections widely around the world.


Yuko is also passionate about preserving beautiful nature and the planet earth for the next generation. By donating a portion of the art sales, she contributes to nature conservation activities.


                                      2004             BFA,Tama art university / Tokyo,JP

                                      2011              Jewelry design associate degree, Hiko Mizuno College of  jewelry / Tokyo,JP 


Solo Exhibition

                                       2020           “Creations Between Heaven and Earth”     Shimanose Art Museum / Sasebo, Nagasaki, JP


                                       2021            “Sacred Creations”   Artas Gallery / Hakata, Fukuoka, JP

                                       2021            “Living Sculptures”   Ropponmatsu TSUTAYA / Ropponmatsu, Fukuoka, JP


Group Exhibition

                                       2020           “Kokonoe - Group Exhibition”     Shimanose Art Museum / Sasebo, Nagasaki, JP

                                       2021            “TAGBOAT AWARD 2021 winning artists group exhibition”    Shibuya Hikarie 8 / Shibuya, Tokyo, JP

                                       2021            “IAG AWARDS 2021 winning artists group exhibition”    Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre / Ikebukuro, Tokyo, JP

                                       2021            “Dual Views”   Arkas Sasebo / Sasebo, Nagasaki, JP



                                        2021          “TAGBOAT AWARD 2021 / Prize-winning

                                        2021          “IAG AWARDS 2021 / Prize-winning



                                        2020            Awesome art resource book  /  Awesome art prize spring edition 2020

                                        2020            TVS / “Spot-in-Sasebo” Artist interview

                                        2020            LIFE Sasebo Magazine /  “Gallery” Artist interview


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