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The Steel Claw

The Steel Claw

Photorealistic crayfish/crawfish/lobster painting. I channel my enthusiasm for the amazing characteristics of animals by rendering them with academic oil painting techniques on canvas.
I only used black and white to really capture the feature of the object. The background is soft beige.

Those massive claws with all these tiny bumps and shiny texture are absolutely amazing. They even look like a weapon or armor made out of steel, so I named this painting "Steel Claw". As you can imagine, painting all those details was very challenging but really fun. He is definitely one of the great creations of the mother of earth.

  • 2020 / Oil on canvas / 65 x 50 cm

  • Shipping

    Ship to Global $280.00
    Ship to United States $200.00
    Ship to United Kingdom $280.00
    Ship to Japan $160.00
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